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Kasarani ‘scammer’ Big Papa wanted by police still posting on social media

Despite a manhunt being launched by police, a man who is believed to be a South Sudanese has added speculation to his current run from the police.

The man, who goes by several aliases, including Don Solomon, Mukisa Okello, Tony Taban, Suleiman Malish, Yee, and Big Papa, is taunting the police by posting on social media daily.

Soon after the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) announced he was a wanted man last week, the suspect changed his Instagram profile picture in what many believe he is taunting the police.

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The man is suspected to be an international fraudster with fraud cases stretching from Melbourne in Australia to Kampala in Uganda and Nairobi.

Kenyan authorities have described him as a “self-styled millionaire who is wanted for depositing a bad cheque of Sh599,950 in favour of Naivas Ltd and fraudulently obtaining ten 55-inch television sets from Naivas Mwembe Tayari branch on March 8, 2023”.

According to DCI, the suspect who was previously arraigned at the Milimani Law Courts for forgery and being in the country illegally, has also been accused of patronising top hotels in the city and sneaking out without paying.

“In one such establishment on Chiromo Road, the man on the run failed to pay a bill of Sh1 million after spending days at the luxury facility,” police said.

Through his flashy lifestyle, the suspect is believed to have previously gifted a TV host in Uganda a sleek vehicle, which was later discovered stolen from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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The suspect is also accused of fraud and related offences at various banks in Melbourne, Victoria State, in Australia.

Police added that the suspect was recently spotted in Roysambu’s Mirema Drive, where he is believed to be living and has since evaded two police dragnets.

With sketchy information about him, authorities from Uganda say that on several occasions, Big Papa has been hunted down by police in Uganda over fraud.

In 2021, he was arrested and imprisoned for impersonation, accumulative debts and electronic fraud.

No one knows when or how he left jail.

In Kenya, he is wanted for scamming Naivas supermarkets on March 8 this year.

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