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‘Kaskie Vibaya’ hitmaker Fathermoh says dad wanted him to do gospel songs

Gengetone artiste Moses Otieno alias Fathermoh, signed under the Black Market Record Label, has shared an amusing anecdote about his journey into the music industry and his father’s surprising reaction to his genre choice.

Speaking on Citizen Radio, the Kaskie Vibaya hitmaker recounted how he initially kept his music career a secret from his father due to the negative perception associated with gengetone music.

“So, there was an assumption that gengetone was trash music with bad vibes. Back then, I was afraid of telling my dad that I was an artist so I used to do my things low-key,” he said.

“My dad would go to work, come back in the evening and meet me in the house and things were going okay because he did not know what was happening. After ‘Wakithomo’ I started trending, music was being played everywhere and in mixes,'” he said.

However, his secret was eventually unveiled when his uncle stumbled upon his music and shared a screenshot with his father.

“One of my uncles came across my music and recognised me. He sent a screenshot to my dad, asking, ‘Isn’t this your son?’ My dad was shocked. He asked, ‘What is he singing? He can’t be singing…'”

After the release of his tracks ‘Wagithomo’ and ‘Shamrashamra’, Fathermoh says his popularity soared, leading to a candid conversation with his father about his music career.

“A month later, my dad sat me down and asked, ‘When were you planning to tell me you’re an artiste?’ We laughed about it,” Fathermoh reminisced.

Despite his initial surprise, Fathermoh’s father has been supportive of his career choice.

The only thing he did was try and push his son to try gospel music.

“He has no issue with my music, although he does not listen to that type of music. The only thing he has ever told me is, ‘Have you thought of trying out gospel?’ And I was like, ‘Naweza penda but unless kama unataka tulale njaa,( I jokingly responded, ‘I could, but only if you want us to go hungry!’)'” he said.