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Kate Actress and husband Phil Karanja announce separation

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 19th, 2023 2 min read

Popular actress Catherine Kamau and her husband Phil Karanja have revealed that they are parting ways, emphasizing that their separation has been a private decision.

The couple expressed in a joint post on Instagram: “We came to a conclusion to end our marriage a long while ago and are separated. We sincerely request everyone to honour our wishes for privacy for us and our kids.”

Phil Karanja affirmed that despite the separation, they will maintain their friendship, co-parenting responsibilities, and continue as business partners.

“This is a matter between two people, but let us include you in the loop a little so that we can move forward in our lives without unnecessary speculation. Kate and I will remain friends, co-parents, and business partners.”

This announcement comes shortly after an exclusive story by Nairobi News that reported that the couple had been living separately.

“They are no longer living together, not in the same house anymore. The guy decided to move out. They parted ways not long after the wife returned from the Netflix trip to Capetown, South Africa in April,” a close family source told Nairobi News.

According to this source, “The guy had noticed some odd behaviours from his wife whenever she went on these trips. There was a growing distance between them and growing suspicion.”

Despite the circumstances, for the sake of their two children, the once-beloved couple has reportedly agreed to do everything possible to maintain a harmonious environment.

It’s worth noting that the actor, who has also worked as a film director in recent years, has moved in with his teenage stepson, while his biological daughter remains with her mother.

“The boy chose to move in with his stepdad; the two share a very tight bond. They really love each other deeply. Despite the awkward situation, he cares deeply for both kids and is always there for them,” the source added.

“It’s the boy who chose to move in with his stepdad; the two share a very tight bond. They really love each other to a fault. Despite the awkward situation as it is, he loves both the kids very much and is always there for them,” the source added.

The couple was just short of reaching their 6th wedding anniversary, which was slated for November.

The lovebirds exchanged their vows at Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club in November 2017.

Together, the couple shares a daughter, and they have lovingly raised Kate’s son from her previous relationship.

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