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Kate Actress flaunts her new love, Tribe Hotel’s GM Michael Mwangi

Popular actress Kate Actress, also known as Catherine Kamau, has taken to social media to proudly introduce her new man, Michael Mwangi, the General Manager of Tribe Hotel.

This comes several months after her split from her husband Phil Karanja, a film entertainer.

Known for his suave appearance, Mwangi’s distinctive full beard became a subject of playful teasing on social media, with fans humorously dubbing Kate a “ndevu worshipper,” a reference to her boyfriend’s prominent facial hair.

Unfazed by the banter, Kate responded on her socials, stating:

Ati mmeniita Ndevu worshiper? Sawa tu na niliwawuooooon! Mmebaki side gani? Ya, cereals ama cabbage? Na Msituroge aki.” (So you’ve called me a beard worshiper? It’s okay, but just know you have been warned… and please don’t bewitch us.)

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Social media users joined in the conversation, with one Facebook user, Go go Tata, expressing appreciation for Kate’s response.

“I love when a woman acts like a man. Did you see how men were mad with their comments? I think tumepata dawa ya wanaume.” (I think we’ve found a remedy for men.)

Catherine Kamau, responding to the comment about male chauvinism, stated, “Mo Maa it’s always the narcissistic men and the dusties talking sh*t about powerful women right.”

She continued, “Watatii, the girlies are woke!” (they will submit; the girls are woke!)

Despite the online chatter, Kate emphasised the importance of financial independence for women, particularly when dating a wealthy man.

She stated, “As a woman, just make your money! Have you seen how men behave around men with money? Cringe! Money equals freedom, my girlies.”

Support poured in from fans, with Mercy Mwangi advising Kate to ignore the naysayers, saying:

“Even if you didn’t have money, they would still talk. Close your ears and continue shining, my dear. I love you for free.”

Aznath Amanda humorously suggested, “Wasikose kukuweka kwa speakers of the next women’s conference.” (They shouldn’t forget to put you on the speakers’ list for the next women’s conference.)

Kate replied, “I want to be the chair.”

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Recent viral videos shared on Kate’s Instastories showed her enjoying herself at a friend’s birthday party, attended by celebrities such as comedian Eric Omondi and singer Arrow Boy.

The footage featured Kate in a stunning black dress with a unique white bowtie-shaped off-shoulder detail, seated next to Michael Mwangi, both smiling for the camera.

This is not the first time the couple has been spotted together, having attended events like comedian Terence Creative’s Wash Wash 4 movie premiere and a Sol Fest event in November 2023.

Reports from anonymous sources at Tribe Hotel suggest that their relationship has been ongoing for a while, with Kate being a frequent visitor before it became public knowledge.