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Kate Actress, Jackie Matubia lead Nairobi protest against femicide

Different women’s groups organized peaceful marches in Nairobi and other major towns on January 27, 2024, to protest against the escalating cases of femicide.

Chants of “Sisi ni watu sio wanyama” (We are humans, not animals) echoed as women voiced their demand to end the violence against them.

“Sex workers have the right to be free from violence and killings,” read one of the placards.

In a powerful display of unity, several men also joined the march, holding placards with various messages condemning femicide.

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris and Law Society of Kenya President Eric Theuri were among the notable figures who lent their support to the cause.

Renowned figures such as Actress Jackie Matubia, Kate Actress, and journalist-turned-activist Janet Mbugua led the celebrity contingent in the street demonstrations.

Kate Actress emphasized the urgency of addressing femicide as a human rights issue.

“I am a mother, a woman and I have a right to life and my sisters have a right to life. I have a responsibility to speak against any form of violation of their rights. Many of these killings are from husbands at home so it is not an Airbnb issue.

It is not a moral issue but a human right issue. Women have a right to life and we are not begging, we are demanding and we are stating that you will stop killing women. Women are also being killed by people they know who are not strangers.”

On Instagram, Kate Actress also expressed gratitude to those who participated, emphasizing that the march was not a platform for political gain.

She urged accountability from politicians and male allies, stating, “We will not be SILENCED.”

Actress Jackie Marubia stressed the importance of standing up against gender-based violence for the sake of future generations.

“We are here to say that stop killing us. I am brave enough to be here for the future of my kids and for my kids to be safe. It starts with us. I am so happy that women have come out in big numbers to say this must stop. This is the Kenya we want.”

Janet Mbugua echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that the fight for change is ongoing until justice is served.

“We’re not going back – we’re moving forward and the message is clear; we matter. Our voices matter. Our lives matter. And until we’re heard, until perpetrators are brought to book, until justice is served, until narratives begin to shift, we will be here pushing for the change we need to see.”

Muthoni Drummer Queen unequivocally stated, “There is no excuse for killing women.”

A host of other celebrities, including Ciru Muriuki, Patricia Kihoro, Jackie Vike, BenSoul, Massawe Japanni, and Anyiko, among others, added their voices to the march, collectively pushing for societal change and an end to femicide.

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