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Kate Actress’ outrage over ‘sex for work’ expose in Kericho tea farm companies

By Winnie Mabel February 22nd, 2023 2 min read

Catherine Kamau (alias Kate Actress), a member of the Talanta Hela Council technical committee for the Youth Affairs, Sports and the Arts Ministry expressed outrage over the sex for work expose done by the British Broadcasting Corporation Africa (BBC Africa).

The documentary exposed how over 70 female tea pickers were being sexually abused and even raped by men in top positions within tea picking companies Unilever and James Finlays- both British owned companies and located in Kericho County.

These men demanded for sex or sexual favors from women looking for employment to make ends meet.

“I have watched this documentary in utter shock and disgust! Unemployment drives people to extremism and that it is the primary reason behind sexual abuse and gender based violence. These women, our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives are at a risk of discrimination, losing their only source of income, stigmatization and even domestic violence. Bringing the truth to light is not an option for them, the truth bears dire consequences on them and their families,” began Kate Actress.

She went on to say that the human costs of unemployment alone should justify making “low level unemployment an important public policy priority.”

“We must support women who are speaking out and reclaiming their voice and power. We all have a responsibility to fulfill, to ensure that the lives of girls and women are free from abuse, neglect, violence, harassment and any form of discrimination. We must stop victim blaming. Violence should not be condoned. This is not the time for silence. Silence is acceptance! #stopsexualgenderbasedviolence,” concluded Kate Actress.

In a follow up to the expose, the BBC Africa further reported that Kenyan legislators had ordered investigations into the matter. Kate Actress’ outrage over the matter was met with various sentiments as sampled below:

“I worked at the farms in Naivasha when I was barely 18 just got the heck of it. Things I saw !! Women would get touched and even have sex huko ndani ya shamba (inside the farm) …that’s how your kgs got added by end of day. Mimi I refused coz I was not doing the job out of desperation. I quit after making only 90 shs in one week. 🥲🥲🥲 coz my kgs would get dropped deliberately by the supervisor. Wueh !! Suffering both home and work for this women is a daily occurrence,” narrated Prudence Githaiga.

“Worst part is these predators know that these women/mothers will give in because they’re desperate. They need the jobs and the money, their options are limited. Imagine how helpless they feel? I hope our country will someday get to a point of abundance where people have alternatives, where human rights and dignity are respected and protected. Praying for anyone going through such a nightmare just to put food on the table,” added Puritite.

“I was shocked as I watched it this afternoon. The fact that nobody has been held accountable for over 3 decades is very disgusting. Knowing what this women and children have/are going through is heartbreaking. I am very proud of this women for opening up and telling their stories. Something must be done!” said Emilly Leilah.

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