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Kate Actress unites Kenyan women with viral ‘Who TF did I marry’ TikTok series

Award-winning thespian, Catherine Kamau alias Kate Actress has sparked a wave of engagement and solidarity among Kenyan women with her recent commentary on a viral TikTok series.

The series of 50 gripping episodes documents the harrowing experience of a woman known as Reesa Teesa, who bravely shares her tumultuous journey of being married to a pathological liar.

Under the moniker Reesa Teesa, the TikToker has captivated audiences with her candid storytelling, amassing an astonishing 122 million views on the series.

Each episode receives over a million views, demonstrating the widespread appeal and impact of Reesa Teesa’s storytelling.

Entitled “Who TF Did I Marry?”, the series explores the complex dynamics of Reesa Teesa’s relationship with a man she calls “Legion”, drawing a parallel to a biblical figure infamously possessed by a legion of demons.

Through a compelling narrative arc spanning multiple videos, Reesa Teesa intricately recounts the evolution of her relationship, from its inception to its eventual unravelling.

As the story unfolds, viewers are taken on a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of Reesa Teesa’s journey, including the challenges they faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, the progression of their cohabitation, and ultimately their marriage in January 2021.

But beneath the facade of marital bliss lies a harsh reality of betrayal and deception, as Reesa Teesa comes to terms with discovering her husband’s web of lies.

Upon discovering the viral series, actress Kate took to social media to express her empathy and solidarity with Reesa Teesa and women facing similar predicaments.

In a Facebook message, Kate Actress warned her fellow women about the pitfalls of relationships with ‘hobosexuals’ – men who exploit romantic partnerships for financial gain or accommodation.

Kate Actress has embarked on a new romantic journey with businessman Michael, just a few months following her announcement of separation from Philip Karanja.

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