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Kate Actress: Why I am not fit for Young, Famous & African show

Renowned actress Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, has shed light on why she believes she wouldn’t be the best fit for Netflix’s reality show, Young, Famous & African.

In a candid conversation with comedian Ofweneke, Kate Actress expressed that the high-energy nature of the show didn’t align with her personality.

“I can’t comment, but that’s not my vibe, that’s not me. I think I would be very boring in that show. I am an actress, my drama is not so much. My drama is corporate, hahah,” she remarked.

Kate Actress didn’t hesitate to lavish praise on singer Akothee, acknowledging her as the perfect candidate for such a reality show.

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“But if there is a paycheck, I would go for Akothee. I would pay top dollar to watch her. I know her as Esther, I don’t even call her Akothee, and she would be perfect,” Kate Actress added.

Looking ahead to 2024, Kate Actress revealed her plans to focus more on acting, highlighting her recent involvement in skits and her desire to return to series projects, aiming to further hone her skills.

“2024 is a very soft year for me. I am going back to acting. I have not stopped acting but I have been doing so much of skits. The last big project I did was Disconnect 2. I have learnt that the more you do things, the more you learn. I am going back with a bang’. I am on a certain series and and I am looking forward to more opportunities this year,” she said.

When discussing international awards and achievements, Kate Actress emphasized her desire to make a meaningful impact in Kenya.

“Winning an Oscar award is nice, but I think if I can make a difference here in Africa, it’s great. We don’t need to rely on their Grammys and their awards. I want to win an Oscar award from home. From a performance in Kenya,” she concluded.

Kate Actress is recognized as one of the most esteemed Kenyan female thespians.

During Jamhuri day, 2023, Kate Actress was bestowed with the prestigious Order of the Grand Warrior of Kenya (O.G.W), an esteemed award presented to individuals in recognition of their exceptional service and contributions to the nation across various roles and capacities.