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Kathy Kiuna speaks on her husband’s battle with cancer

By Mercy Wahito November 6th, 2019 1 min read

Televangelist Rev Kathy Kiuna has narrated her difficult journey since last year when her husband Bishop Allan Kiuna was diagnosed with cancer.

Rev Kiuna has also revealed how chemotherapy has rendered her husband physically unfit to perform church activities.

In a lengthy Instagram post, she speak about her husband’s health condition, stating that it is tough for her to stand in front of the congregation and preach while her husband is away on treatment.

“Chemotherapy had him losing hair, gaining weight and unable to do much physically, he was unable to stand or walk for long and had to tiptoe around from the immense pain in his legs,” Rev Kiuna wrote.

She however says her husband has been improving with time and is doing well physically.


She went on to put out a message of hope for those who might be going through the same situation that she has been through.

In July this year, Bishop Kiuna via Twitter revealed his battle with cancer but did not state which type of cancer he was suffering from.

The flashy couple runs the Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) in Nairobi which has 15 branches and five international churches.

The Kiunas are known to have grown their wealth over the years and their net worth is estimated to be between Sh 5 billion and Sh 10 billion.