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Kayole man dies after sex marathon with fiance

A man has been reported dead while engaging in sexual intercourse with his girlfriend in Nairobi.

In a police report seen by Nairobi News, Mr. Douglas Fundi Muthuri, 47, had been invited by his fiancé identified as Ms. Nicera Wangechi.

“Upon taking supper they engaged in intimacy for about an hour and while at the act the deceased suddenly developed difficulties in breathing before going unconscious,” the police report filed at Njiru police station in Njiru Sub-County read in part.

This prompted the officers who were on duty at the station led by crime personnel to rush to the scene only to find the lifeless body of the deceased lying on the sofa set.

Police then decided to search the man’s pocket where they found a small khaki envelope that contained a packet of furosemide and a blue pill (Viagra).

The body did not have any visible injuries and after processing the scene, and documenting it they moved the body to City Mortuary awaiting a postmortem.

Cases of men dying while in the act with their girlfriends and lovers have been on the rise in the country.

Two days ago, police in Migori nabbed a 24-year-old woman after her lover, 52, died in lodging at Nyatike.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said that the man’s lifeless body was found at Lavanda lodging in West Kanyarwanda Sub-Location.

The officers said that it was unclear what led to the death of the man.

When officers rushed to the scene they found the body of the man on the bed and it emerged that he died hours after booking himself into the lodging accompanied by the woman.

The body was taken to Migori County Teaching and Referral Hospital morgue.