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‘Kazi Mtaani’ youth warned against demanding money from Kenyans – VIDEO

Youths employed under the National Hygiene initiative (Kazi Mtaani) by the government have been warned against demanding money from Kenyans in the areas they have been assigned to undertake daily sanitation and environmental preservation.

Health CAS Dr Rashid Aman on Wednesday said that such individuals should desist from the practise as it undermines the original goal of the initiative.

“Even as we acknowledge the good work of our youth from this programme, we have also observed a disturbing behaviour by some of these youths, whereby some of them are forcefully demanding money from individuals within the neighbourhoods that they are cleaning,” Dr Aman said.

“I want to appeal to them to respect the original intention of the programme. And to remind them that it is not only unacceptable but also unlawful to demand money and that they should refrain from such practices,” he added.

Dr Aman also observed that in addition to this, some of these youths have appointed themselves Covid-19 police by harassing commuters who are not wearing face masks or not observing social distancing in public places.


“I am equally concerned about the youth who are harassing commuters under the pretext that such commuters are not wearing masks or are not observing social distancing. I want to remind our young people that they are the ones who should lead this fight from the front,” Dr Aman said.

The Kazi Mitaani initiative was launched by the government to create employment for the youth during this period of the coronavirus pandemic that has affected many livelihoods.

They will be paid Sh616 to clean the environment in their respective settlements.

Dr Aman also urged food vendors in counties put under cessation of movement not to take advantage of the situation and hike prices.