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Hero KBC journalist carried disabled beggar to safety during bee attack

By EDDY KAGERA September 20th, 2017 1 min read

A KBC journalist has been hailed as a hero after he put his life on the line to rescue a beggar when bees attacked onlookers outside the Supreme Court on Wednesday afternoon.

The beggar was left unconscious as he was unable to scramble to safety when the insects unleashed terror.

But Victor Muyakane who doubles up as a reporter-cum-anchor dropped his journalistic tag and rushed to where the beggar was perched and single-handedly carried him safety.

Other onlookers only helped him after he had covered a distance. Mr Muyakane was also stung in the process and had to be rushed to hospital for treatment.

Earlier in the day, bees attacked journalists, police, demonstrators and passersby as the Supreme Court judges delivered their detailed ruling on the annulled presidential election results.

What’s tragic, though, is that the journalist lost his phone to the other people who came to their rescue, a source at the Premier media house said.

But Kenyans have camped on social media to praise his heroic act.