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KCPE: Academies sweep top positions in City

By NATION TEAM November 22nd, 2017 3 min read

Candidates from top private schools took most of the best positions in class eight examination results.

Top in the city was Oduor Nicole Mary of Lakewood Schools, who scored 446 marks to spark celebrations at the institution.

At Makini School, it was a joyous moment for Oduor Amy Angel Akinyi who scored 444 marks.

The school’s executive director Mary Okelo said that they had performed better than last year when they had 40 students with over 400 marks.

Ms Okelo said Tuesday’s announcement of the results caught the institution by surprise. She however said the school’s performance has remained consistence.

“We are happy with the results as over 80 students got over 400 marks compared to last year’s exams. We really performed well,” she said.

Shawntel Njeri Muthee of Happyland Preparatory school got 443 marks followed by Geogina Nduta (440 marks), Abigail Njoki (433), and Cecily Mutheu (431) – both from Marion preparatory school in Kahawa West. Njogu Valentine Wanjiru of St Mary’s School, Ruaraka got 430 marks.


Newlight Junior Academy, Tender Care Academy and Rock Field Academies produced the highest number of candidates with more than 400 marks in the city. A total of 52 students at the school scored 400 marks and above.

Also from the school, Winnie Irene scored 411 marks while, Namulungu Dorothy Nabwile, Gichana Raphael Ongaro, and Kimani Glenn Gregory each managed 428.

The school’s director, Mr Samuel Kimamo, praised this year’s candidates, saying they had performed better than last year’s lot when the school only had 15 students scoring above 400 marks.

Newlight Junior Academy, also produced one of the highest number of students with over 400 Marks. Abiyah Melanie Nelima and Nzyoki Tephanie Mutheu, who scored 436, topped the list in the school which had 50 students with over 400 marks.

At Tendercare Academy in Komarock, the top student Bruce Githaiga Mithamo scored 441 marks to lead in his school.

The school had 25 students who scored above 400 marks. Although fewer pupils than last year’s scored more than 400 marks in the school, its aggregate improved.

At Infil Academy, Mumo Purity June scored 420 marks while Muriuki Sidney Baraka, also from the same school, scored 417 marks.


The school manager Julia Thitai said they were back in the race for top positions. “We are happy with the results and hope to do better next year,” said Ms Thitai.

At Marion Preparatory School in Kahawa West, at least 12 students, out of the 51 candidates registered for this year’s KCPE, scored 400 marks and above. The school also had 37 candidates who scored 300 marks and above, while three students got 250 marks and above.

Headteacher, Mrs Grace Mwazemba, attributed the good performance to God and hard work by students and teachers.

“We are very excited and give glory to God. This is the best of results we had expected this year. We could not ask for more,” she said.

At St Scholastica Catholic Primary School in Ruaraka, Nairobi, 34 students scored 400 marks and above, one of the best results the school had recorded, according to the administration.


The highest score at the institution was 434 by Marube Dan-Laban Nyakweba, followed by Nyakweba Mark Birundu who scored 432 marks and Katiba Honour Khalusi who scored 428 marks.

At Moi Educational Centre in Nairobi out of the 174 candidates who sat the exam, 67 of them scored more than 400 marks. The first candidate, Mercy Muiruri scored 443 marks. Purity Mueni and Joseph Kyalo scored 442 and 432 marks respectively. Natasha Chepkurui and Nicole Cheruto were fourth and fifth with 431 and 430 marks in that order.

Carmel Catholic School posted a mean score of 380.44 marks, an improvement from last year’s 377.78 marks. The headteacher, Ms Pratima Kerkette, said Perpetual Moraa was the second best candidate with 433 marks. Moraa said she was hoping to join Kenya High School and later study information technology.

Her father, Mr Douglas Okerio, described her as a hardworking, God-fearing and dedicated girl.