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KCPE pupils now head to rural schools


Indiscipline and bad peer influence have been cited as lead factors that make city parents take their children upcountry for secondary education.

Many have already begun seeking for chances in remote schools, as has been the trend.

Albert Nyauntu said he was one such parent. His daughter was among the 2013 800,000 KCPE candidates.

“The city environment is not favourable. Teens are exposed to terrible things. In addition, it is costly to educate them here,” he said.

For Mary Akelo, an educationist, traffic jams, a congested and busy busy environment easily distract the learners.

Isaac Mwenga, another parent, took his form-three daughter to a rural school because he wanted her to experience another kind of life.

The Secretary General for the parents association, Kenya National Association of Parents (Knap) Musau Ndunda said chances of city children being exposed to social ills were high.

“They have phones and most of them are in social media platforms. They are also exposed to pornography,” he said.

He said many also go to clubs due to peer influence.

In August 2013, more than 100 children between 10 and 16 years old were detained at Central Police Station after being found in clubs and discos.

Central OCPD Patrick Oduma said some of the children were involved in mugging and other crimes in the City Centre.

“The children are also more vulnerable to drugs and alcohol abuse as parents are busy working, forgetting to monitor them,” said Mr Ndunda.