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KDF speaks out on dawn attack by Al-Shabaab militants

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) has refuted claims that 57 soldiers were killed on Friday morning after their camp in Kulbiyow town, Somalia was attacked by Al-Shabaab militants.

Instead, KDF Spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Paul Njuguna said the soldiers successfully repulsed the attackers and the camp was not overran.

The Al-Shabaab militants had attacked the camp using a vehicle that was laden with home-made explosives.

“Our brave soldiers repulsed the terrorists who had tried to access the camp using a Suicide Vehicle Borne improvised Explosive Vehicle (SVBIED) and it is important to note that contrary to information peddled by the terrorists, our camp has not been overran,” Lt Col Njuguna said.

Speaking earlier on NTV,  Lt Col Njuguna claimed Kenyan forces had killed a number of the attackers, but that a comprehensive report will be issued later.

The Al-Shabaab, through its platforms on social media, had claimed that they had killed more than 57 Kenyan soldiers who are operating under AMISOM.

But Lt Col Njuguna said the information was false and part of Al-Shabaab’s war propaganda.

He claimed a pacification operation, reinforced by Kenya Army and Kenya Air Forces planes, had been ordered soon after the attack.