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Keep warm to keep Covid-19 at bay, Kenyans advised

The government has advised Kenyans to keep warm, with Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Rashid Aman explaining that there is a link between the current chilly season and the spike in the Covid-19 cases.

Speaking on Monday while giving the daily updates on Covid-19 Dr Aman also called extra caution among those with respiratory conditions.

“There has been an upsurge of Covid-19 cases in the cold season. Tuberculosis cases also tend to rise during the cold season. Those with respiratory conditions need to take extra care, they are more susceptible to infections,” Dr Aman said.

“I appeal to people to take precautions and not be exposed to infections. Keep warm, keep well hydrated, wear a mask, engage in some physical exercises and adhere to prescribed medications,” he added.

Dr Aman also explained that while the government will not be forcing passengers arriving into the country via the airports into quarantine, each passenger has to produce a Covid-19 certificate indicating that he is negative.