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Keg lovers’ joy as Uhuru cuts tax in new law

Consumers of low-end drinks have a reason to celebrate after President Kenyatta reduced the tax on beer made from sorghum, millet and cassava in a new law.

Also assented to by the President were Bills on domestic violence and public service values.

The President removed excise duty for beer made from the grains.

The brewer must use at least 75 per cent content of sorghum, millet and cassava.

The beer must be packed in pasteurised containers of at least 30 litres.

The law also recognises alcoholism as a disease.

The law against domestic violence is the protection of spouse, children and dependants.

Violence is abuse against a child, in marriage, female circumcision, forced marriage, forced wife inheritance, interference from in-laws, sexual violence in marriage, virginity testing and widow cleansing.

The public service values law deals with standards of professional ethics including honesty, integrity, transparency and the rule of law.

There was no word on the Bill on retirement benefits of Cord leaders Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka.

Source: Daily Nation