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Keja chronicles: Funniest roomies stories Kenyans are sharing online

At one point in life some of us had an opportunity of having a roommate, either in campus or while hustling after campus life.

It was the easiest way out for many to cut cost and save a few more coins.

Like you could pay rent, utility and shopping for the entire month half half.

This made it easier to live in the big city during those first few years of starting life.

Some roomies were family members while others were friends we made in campus.

We all have different experience when it comes to our roomies – some are cherished memories while others are those we want to forget about completely.

On Wednesday a certain @johnie_palmer brought back these memories for Kenyans by sharing his roomie experience.

“Experiences zenu za kushare keja ni gani. Mi jamaa aliwa anapika na anaosha vyombo wee ukifika from mjengo ukidhani kuna food jamaa unapata amelala anakushow hakuwa anajiskia kukula ndo maana hakupika inabidi ulale njaa,” he wrote.

The post jogged the memories of many Kenyans who cheerfully shared their stories: