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Kelele Takatifu: No, we haven’t broken up

Award winning gospel group Kelele Takatifu, hitmaker of the Itakua Ngori song, have refuted claims that the group has spilt.

Rumours have been rife of the group’s breakup after one of its members James Muhia alias Short Baba released his first single Nizitoke a few days ago.

However, Short Baba has dismissed the rumours saying the celebrated group, which was voted the Best Group at the Groove Awards 2017, is there to stay.

He added that as much as they are a group one is entitled to do solo projects as he so desires.

“Kelele Takatifu iko bado haiezi enda mahali. Saa hizi tuko kwa season tunafanya solo projects, yeye anafanya solo project na mimi nafanya solo project, bado tuko pamoja hatujaamua kila mtu kivyake,” (Kelele Takatifu still exists, we are going nowhere. At the moment we are both doing solo projects. It’s not a breakup) Short Baba said.

The duo have been together since 2007 when they first met while still in high school and decided to form the group that has pushed them to fame.

Over that period, the group has won several awards  including three Mwafaka Awards with hit songs such as Bamba Mbaya, Mavuno and Aina Noma under their belt.