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Kelvin Kiptum’s heartbreaking promise to his children

Kelvin Kiptum, renowned as the world record holder in marathon running, had made a heartfelt promise to his two children just hours before his untimely demise in a tragic road accident.

According to Kiptum’s grieving wife, Asenath Jeruto, their children had a heartfelt conversation with their father on Sunday, February 11, around 8 pm, shortly before the fatal accident that claimed his life.

Jeruto revealed that during their conversation, the children had expressed their desire for wristwatches, a simple wish that Kiptum eagerly pledged to fulfil upon his return home the following day.

Tragically, Kiptum never had the chance to fulfil this promise as his life was abruptly cut short while travelling along the Eldoret-Kaptagat Road, where he, along with his coach Gervais Hakizimana, met with a fatal accident.

“The firstborn asked him to buy him a watch and also the small baby asked for the same. He had promised them a watch.”

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Adding to the heartbreaking loss, Jeruto disclosed that Kiptum had also planned a family outing for Sunday, February 11, but was unable to join them after experiencing a sudden headache during training.

“He loved his children so much, and I do not know what I can even say to them. He was so loving and caring,” expressed Jeruto, highlighting the profound bond between Kiptum and his children.

Despite Jeruto’s concerns about his rigorous training schedule, Kiptum remained dedicated to his pursuit, driven by the desire to achieve greatness in his sport. His ambitious goal included breaking the two-hour barrier in the Rotterdam Marathon scheduled for April, a feat he was diligently preparing for before his tragic passing.

The sudden loss of Kiptum, at the youthful age of 24, has not only devastated his family but also the global running community, robbing them of a talented athlete with boundless potential.

President William Ruto led Kenyans in mourning the tragic death of Athletee Kelvin Kiptum.

The Head of State eulogized Kiptum as a star, noting that an extraordinary sportsman who has left an extraordinary mark on the globe.

“Kelvin Kiptum was arguably one of the world’s finest sportsmen who broke barriers to secure a marathon record,” he said.

“An extraordinary sportsman has left an extraordinary mark on the globe. Our thoughts are with the family and the sporting fraternity. Rest in Peace.”