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Ken Mijungu in mourning after losing younger sister “Jaber”

KTN News anchor Ken Mijungu is in mourning following the death of his sister, Afline Ngaji.

The journalist shared the bad news on social media alongside a video of him and his late sister, who was dancing at a party some time back as he held the selfie camera.

Mijungu said the death of his sister, whom he fondly referred to as ‘Jaber’ has hit him harder than the passing of his father.

“This one hit me harder than my dad’s death! I called her Jaber inside, she is no more. When your baby sisters leave so sudden, where do they go?” he posed.


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Mijungu’s friends and followers on social media took to the comment section to condole with the news anchor following the demise.

mcatricky posted, “Ooooh so sorry my brother, so sad manze. ? condolences ??.”

jackyvike wrote, “I’m so sorry for your loss Ken❤️❤️.”

celestinegachuhi added, “??my sincere condolences to you and your family.”

_sonniemicheni said, “??? My condolences!May God grant you peace during this tough times…may she RIP!.”