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KeNHA offers update for Thika Superhighway footbridges

After years of unexplained delays, the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) on Thursday unveiled several designs of how the Thika Superhighway footbridges at Survey and Garden City will look like.

Despite their best efforts and many promises to complete the footbridges, a spot check on the site still paints a different picture.

In February, KeNHA Director General Peter Mundinia, in a statement, said it will take two more months to complete the footbridges. He promised to fast-track their construction. Now there is hope.

“The KSMS and Garden City bridges are in the final stages of being assembled and will soon be erected,” KenHA said on Thursday.

The footbridge at Survey of Kenya – just before the junction to the Kenya School of Monetary Studies – was to be opened in mid-April after being partially closed to motorists to enable the contractor finish work which was started in 2018.

Fourway Construction Limited has been contracted to construct the Survey of Kenya and Garden City footbridges at a cost of Sh390 million.

The ongoing construction of four footbridges along the Superhighway, which will cost the taxpayer a whopping Sh820 million, began almost two years ago and only Weitethie was recently completed and opened to the public.

Interways Works Limited have been contracted to install the Witeithie and Mang’u footbridges at a cost of Sh430 million. They have only delivered the Witeithie one.

KeNHA has blamed the delay on a slow pre-export inspection of the importation of the Chinese-built footbridges.

The construction of the bridges started in May 2018.

Thika Superhighway is fitted with 18 footbridges, with 10 more designed but yet to be erected due to lack of funds.