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KeNHA seeks to ease traffic along Mombasa road

By Amina Wako August 31st, 2021 1 min read

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has reopened a number of roads that had been sealed off so as to facilitate the reopening of the Nairobi Expressway.

This decision has been arrived at amid consistent traffic snarl-ups along Mombasa road, which at times remain until midnight.

Through a public notice released on Monday, August 30, 2021, KeNHA also confirmed it had established a multi-Agency team to help control the traffic along Mombasa Road and Uhuru Highway.

“This will include ensuring that construction sites have adequate and well-signposted lanes, rapid intervention in case of an accident, and well-defined U-turns points.”

To reduce the time spent on the road, KeNHA announced the reopening of some major closed routes. JKIA- Mlolongo section will be the first one to be opened on September 10, 2021.

The Westlands – James Gichuru road will be reopened on September 30, 2021, while Haile Selassie- UoN roundabout will be reopened on October 15, 2021.

The agency further noted that the elevated sections are about 71.6 percent complete.

Also, the agency stated that it would ensure the contractor minimizes the dust during construction by sprinkling water.

Construction of the Sh59 billion Nairobi Expressway which started in 2020 and has come at a cost for businesses and residents along Mombasa Road, with motorists enduring traffic snarl-ups.

On completion, the road will stretch 27 km (17 miles) across Nairobi, and it is meant to ease traffic flows in and out of the centre of the capital.

China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) is building the highway, whose construction is funded by a private company. Moja Expressway, a subsidiary of CRBC, will operate the road for 27 years to recoup funds through toll fees.