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Kennedy Rapudo goes on clap back spree as Amber Ray hangs out with Jimal

Kennedy Rapudo, the ex fiancé to Instagram influencer Amber Ray, born Faith Makau, went on a clap back spree on Sunday, April 9, 2023, after his followers and critics made comments about his life choices.

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function,” Rapudo posted on his Instagram as a caption to a photo of him standing behind a grey Range Rover.

Fans were quick to claim that the Range Rover was the same one Amber Ray had shared earlier in her Instagram stories; and that the two were taking Kenyans for a ride because they hadn’t really broken up.

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In her Insta stories, Amber flaunted two cars as she announced that she was heading out to hang out with her infamous ex-boyfriend, Jimal Rohosafi, with whom she had an affair while he was still married. The difference in vehicles was that one of the cars Amber shared was a Defender, not Rapudo’s Range Rover.

One of Rapudo’s critics shaded him for allegedly flaunting and driving around a car that was rumored to belong to an older, rich woman but he clapped back at her, telling her she could go ahead and check who owns the car he drives because he would not be explaining himself to a “douchebag”.

As his followers and critics further voiced their opinions in his comment section, Kennedy Rapudo spared a few more minutes to clap back at his haters.

“Nimeona hii gari kwa (I have seen this car on Amber’s page) Amber, you are still together munatubeba ufala (you two are treating us like idiots),” said Janet Kamadi to which Rapudo clapped back saying, “Kuna shida tukiwa pamoja (Is there a problem if we are together)?”

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In another comment, Lumajutex said, “Convince us, frustrate us, terrorize us…till we learn to mind our business,” to which Rapudo responded by saying, “The rate at which we mind other people’s business is quite alarming, isn’t it? Kwani (Is it that) we don’t have anything going on in our lives?”

“You kind of said Luo ladies are a no, but you still failed to hold on to that fine Kamba thing? Us like her shemejis (in-laws) are not happy at all. Wateri yalo dhako Ukambani? (tunakupeleka kesi ya bibi Ukambani/You want us to bring a case against you in Ukambani regarding your wife?) We want our wife back,” said Carolyne Otieno to which Rapudo responded by saying, “Mae chunya (This is my heart).”

Many others kept commenting ‘tournament’, the event a heavily pregnant Amber Ray was attending with Jimal while Rapudo was busy posting and clapping back on Instagram. Amber’s pregnancy belongs to Kennedy Rapudo.

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