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Kenneth: Jubilee nominations are full of irregularities

Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant Peter Kenneth has pointed out that the ongoing Jubilee Party primaries in the city have been marred by a lot of irregularities.

He accused the officials of not ensuring uniformity across the county with regards to should and who should not be allowed to vote.

“Every polling station has its own unique problems and I think we should have uniformity in the manner in which the solutions are offered and that is what I see as a problem I was just calling the party headquarters to tell them we need to have uniformity so that across the polling stations the rules are the same,” said Kenneth shortly after voting in Bahati.

The aspirant added that he was perplexed that some of the elderly who have lived in Bahati all their lives found their names missing on the register.


“I think parties should have updated their registers sufficiently rather than make it free for all. That is what I see, in certain places its free for all,” said Kenneth.

Jubilee Party National Elections board Chair Andrew Musangi, shortly after Kenneth voiced his concerns, announced that the party had instructed all the presiding officers in Nairobi to only use the party register.

Mr Musangi said the decision was arrived at after wide consultations within the party leadership.

He added that the party had intelligence information that there were plans to infiltrate the Jubilee Party primaries.