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Kenya Airways: Wooden staircase for passengers not ours

By Hilary Kimuyu January 11th, 2020 1 min read

Kenya Airways (KQ) on Thursday dismissed reports circulating on social media that a wooden passenger staircase was used to facilitate boarding into one of their planes surfaced on social media.

KQ responded after the photo went viral after it was first shared by a Twitter user whose handle is @AdamMaina, with some online users suggesting that KQ was forced to be ‘creative’ due to the financial problems it is experiencing.

“Hata kama ni shida, hii ni nini,” wrote @AdamMaina.

“We respectfully confirm that this is not an aircraft belonging to or operated by Kenya Airways,” KQ responded.

The original image was photo-shopped from a Cameroonian airport of a plane which belonged to Camair-Co.