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Kenya Ferry Services speaks on KU bus that slid off ferry ramp in Likoni

The Kenya Ferry Services has denied reports that a Kenyatta University bus which slip off a ferry ramp while disembarking had student passengers in it.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Kenya Ferry Services clarified that all passengers had alighted from the bus before it boarded the ferry on the Likoni crossing channel.

“Our attention has been brought to a video clip circulating on social media platform depicting a Kenyatta University bus which failed to climb the ramp,” read the statement.

The statement added that the driver of the bus failed to negotiate uphill momentum as it disembarked from the ferry at the mainland ramp.

“The bus had no passengers since all passengers had alighted before boarding the ferry in compliance with our safety procedure,” the statement continued to read.

In a clip that has been widely shared online, the KU bus can be seen experiencing difficulties while climbing the steep ramp immediately after it left the ferry.

The ramp was also said to be slippery due to the heavy rains in the coastal region.

In September, a vehicle slid off the MV Harambee ferry and plunged 58 meters into the Indian Ocean killing a mother and her daughter at the Likoni channel crossing.

The bodies of Mariam Kighenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu were retrieved from the seabed on October 11, after spending 13 days under water.