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Kenya Film Commission seeking to accredit local, international filmmakers

The Kenya Film Commission (KFC) is seeking to accredit local, and international filmmakers to help in streamlining service delivery. Associations or organisations in the film industry will also be required to register with the commission.

According to KFC, service delivery has been limited due to a lack of adequate data on those participating in film production. The fragmentation and lack of coordination among film practitioners has led to exploitation, hindered growth, lowered credibility and unprofessionalism.

Local filmmakers will be required to pay Sh2,000 for the accreditation with an annual renewal of Sh1,000. Foreign filmmakers will pay $50 while trainee or student filmmakers will pay Sh500 with annual renewal for the same amount in subsequent years until graduation.

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Associations will be required to pay Sh5,000 with an annual renewal of the same amount so as to receive a certification of compliance from KFC.

“At the moment there are many informally trained practitioners in the industry who do not meet the skill set required by the market. Therefore the commission seeks to improve the credibility and professionalism of the practitioners of the Kenya film industry through the operationalization of the coordination and certification programmes. In addition, it seeks to develop standards and raise the quality of products and services in the industry,” proposal document by KFC reads in part.

“A successful Coordination and accreditation programme will benefit the Film Industry Satellite Account (FISA) created to establish the economic contribution of the Kenyan film industry to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The overarching objective of the account creation is to quantify the revenue generated through local film and filming activities.”

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Filmmakers will be required to apply online for the accreditation. For one to be approved they must be a filmmaker, association or organisation. Successful candidates will be issued a professional identity card or an authorization certificate. Others who will be accredited include foreign filmmakers and trainee (student) filmmakers.

“Any local filmmaker seeking accreditation must be formally trained and demonstrate experience in the film industry by a portfolio of works done. Show evidence of letters of recommendation from previous employer or commissioning clients. Renewal will be subject to having undergone a training in film ethics and copyright short course offered by the commission or its partner institutions,” KFC said.

Foreign filmmakers will be issued with a letter of authorization instead of a professional identity card to the film agent who is processing certification on behalf of their client who is a foreign filmmaker. Upon issuance of this document, it is only then that the film agent can be eligible to apply for a film license from the Kenya Film Classification Board.

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