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Kenya has entered its Covid-19 peak season – govt

Health Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Dr Rashid Aman says the country has now entered into the Covid-19 peak season starting from the month of July through to September.

The Ministry of Health had earlier predicted that Kenya would register more than 200 cases of coronavirus per day.

And indeed on the first day of the month of July, 307 people tested positive for the disease.

“If we rely on models, they indicate that we have approached the peak season starting from the month of July through to September. We are seeing the numbers are rising and I am afraid that they will rise even further,” Dr Aman said.

The Health CAS said that the infection trajectory is changing and more samples tested are likely to turn positive. The number of tests done per day will also determine the number of positive cases registered.

“The numbers we are seeing increasing are also indicating to us that the trajectory is changing and it seems to be rising. Going forward we are likely to see more samples turning positive,” Dr Aman explained.

“The number of samples we test also has an influence on the number of positives that we get, the more samples we test the more positive cases we get. But over and above that it is a fact that the numbers are increasing,” he went on.

Dr Aman said that the huge numbers that continue to be recorded can only be halted if Kenyans cooperate with the government by strictly adhering to the containment measures.

These include washing hands frequently with soap and water or using an alcohol-based sanitiser, wearing a facemask in public places and maintaining physical and social distance.