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BLOG: I speak for the grossly misunderstood Millennials

By JO April 14th, 2018 3 min read

Nairobi, the city of many tales and now many youths. Our capital is probably one the one place in the world with the most problems. I’m disturbed by the fact that so many youths are home instead of being in schools.

This lecturers’ strike is simply annoying, and time wasting, but maybe this nightmare only bugs me.

Have you met the victims of this happenings? They make careers out of photo shoots, being extremely active on social media and attending events, but I don’t blame them. Their fight is being fought unfairly. I will explain why.

Millennials have been overly termed as the laziest generation of all time; a generation that depends on being offered opportunities instead of earning them; a generation that is always in a rush.

I like the latter. This generation that is treated and pictured unfairly has highly been affected by ‘mature’ people who make decisions on their behalf, who always seem to waste their time. Why, for instance, are some university students not in school? Why are those who have graduated jobless? Why are those working under paid? Who is this who always seeks to make sure this not very well ‘judged generation’ sees no prosperity?


You blame the generation for being too quick, yet even releasing an audit report for a school can easily take decades from the ‘mature, educated team’.

You blame this generation for wanting things easy, yet you cannot pay the lecturers who are meant educate them and teach them the art of patience.

What kind of an example are you, anyway? The fact that so many energetic youths are out here depending on talent that is next to uncertified in this country unless you have some sort of experience or network to fit in. Such tasty irony!

This generation is termed special yet everyone around them is busy wasting their time. A generation that is in a rush because it found the world moving faster than time.

It is of people with bigger dreams, talents that do not sit waiting for decisions to be made. They rely on small but quick steps. They indirectly compete with status quo in their own social media creation directly or indirectly.

It is such a pity that everyone involved in this form of delay is above ancient, a past generation that will never understand a millennial. It is time to take a step back from the elder position and use elderly wisdom, make decisions but do not affect the growth process of these kids.

They need the education that you all  demand so dearly before giving them jobs. I mean, why agree to enroll students that you will later send home for six months?


What happens to the book smarts that require a curriculum to make it? What happens to the none photographers, to the not so lucky to have social media, to the part time student school workers? Hahaha, the predictions from the set books are real.

The power of example does not lie in being powerful but in making powerful decisions.

Hey! What do I know. I’m a living being in a country where a lesser grade can earn you a generous seat.

So dear millennial, fear not, start campaigning, you never know, your lack of a typical education could be a blessing in disguise.

At the end of the day you can sleep knowing this is not your fault. Believe me, you can do better for I hope this kind of history gives birth to change.

Otherwise in the year 2054 we will have another JO writing similar words just in a better platform and perhaps lingua.

But the again it is none of my business, if time waits for no man so who is a millennial?