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Kenya Power: Buy your tokens from our banking halls

Kenya Power Company, which has come under fire in the past week over delays in generating tokens for hours after purchase, has sought to cool tempers after admitting it is facing technical difficulties.

In text messages, most who have been forced to live in the dark after their power was disconnected, Kenya Power has told its pre-paid customers to instead purchase their tokens from their banking halls as the matter is being resolved.

“Dear esteemed customer, we are experiencing delays in prepaid token generation. You can buy tokens from our banking halls countrywide,” the message reads.

The power distributor has however not indicated how long its disgruntled pre-paid customers will have to wait before they can receive and utilize the tokens they have already bought.

“Please bear with us as we resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience caused,” continued the short message that has done little to tame the frustration expressed by many Kenyans after buying tokens.

Pre-paid customers have been pouring their indignation on twitter and other social media platforms after being subjected to delays of more than 15 hours for their electricity tokens to be generated.

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Most complaints came from agitated consumers who use virtual wallets like M-Pesa to buy their tokens, with the transactions generating 20 digit numbers which they punch into the meter to update electricity credits.