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Kenya Power explains cause of nationwide blackout and restoration efforts

Kenya Power has finally shed light on the nationwide blackout that struck the country last night.

In a statement, they explained that at approximately 9:45 pm on August 25, a massive power outage swept across the nation, originating from the loss of 270MW generation at the Lake Turkana Wind Power Plant (LTWP).

This loss sparked an imbalance within the power system, triggering a chain reaction that led to the shutdown of all major generation units and stations, resulting in a complete grid failure.

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“While investigating the incident, technical teams are closely examining data from protection relays to identify the underlying trigger for the trip that triggered the system’s cascade failure.

The timing of the event coincided with a System Demand of 1855.8 MW, meaning that the anticipated outcome of a 15% generation loss manifested as a widespread power outage,” the statement read.

Immediate efforts to restore power began as soon as the affected generation lines were isolated.

The restoration process commenced with Seven Fork Hydro power stations injecting electricity into the grid, a solution that takes more time compared to importing power from Uganda (UETCL), which was not available at the time.

The restoration procedure was systematically carried out, starting from Central and Eastern Regions, where hydro generation facilities are situated, and progressing towards Nairobi.

By 11:45 and on August 26, most of the transmission grid had been reenergized, and normal power supply was gradually returning to customers as generation capacity was reinstated.

“We are jointly working on having the Uganda interconnector restored so as to enhance our grid recovery efforts. Additionally, we are in the final stages of onboarding power from the Olkaria complex where most of the geothermal plants are located to allow the restoration of power supply to parts of Nairobi, Coast, Western, Central Rift, North Rift, and South Nyanza that are still off supply,” it added.

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