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Kenya Power on the spot over dangling power line in Zimmerman

Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) is on the spot over a power line dangling on an electric pole in Zimmerman estate, Nairobi.

The power line, according to the locals has been dropping since March 24, 2023.

It cut off following the heavy rains experienced in Nairobi and other parts of the country.

“It poses a great danger to the passers-by, especially the the children,” Hiram Silayio, a resident told Nairobi News.

The power line cut-off incident happened at Carwash suburb, along the busy Karii street and less than a kilometre from Thika Super Highway.

It has since caused power outage, as the locals appeal to Kenya Power to address the problem goes futile.

“Since Friday we have been trying to reach out to Kenya Power. They are slow to act,” lamented Dennis Maina, a resident.

Surprisingly, Kenya Power Roysambu Plant, Kasarani is located just a throw away from a stone.

A transformer installed at the area, has been experiencing problems with frequent power outages.

Nairobi News authoritatively reports that the said area experiences a frequent power outages, and at times houses go for days without power.

A caretaker who spoke in confidence revealed that when Kenya Power Care is contacted and informed action is rarely taken.

“We have had a consistent power challenge for the last three years,” lamented the caretaker.

Operators of the state owned power supply company sent to address the menace, allegedly ask for kick backs to restore or reconnect power.

As the power line cut off happens during rainy season, it poses a possible electrocution risk.

The problem had not been address at the time we went to press.

Kenya Power had also not responded to our inquiry, over the matter.

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