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Kenya Power to inspect two million meters in Nairobi

Kenya Power has begun inspecting meters in the county. The inspection will target two million customers in Nairobi County.

The power distributor has been incurring severe loses due to tampering of electricity meters, which give incorrect reading of the electricity consumed.

The utility firm also aims at ensuring that metering devices on respective houses are well placed in order to give actual readings.

“Our aim as a utility company is to supply safe, quality and reliable electricity to our customers all the time,” said the company’s acting chief manager for commercial services Eng Joshua Mutua during the launch of the exercise in Industrial Area on Monday morning.

The move is expected to secure Kenya Power’s revenue from fraudulent electricity connections and enable consumers receive correct bills.

In its annual general meeting last year, Kenya Power noted it would install global positioning system on its meters to track electricity theft.

Last year saw the power distributor lose Sh9.1 billion to defaulters leading to a negative effect on its bottom line.

“It is within the ambit of Kenya Power as a company to carry out regular inspections to ascertain adherence to proper wiring and operational and safety practices at the customers’ premises,” added Mutua.

The firm has over 2.4 million customers out of which 5,000 are categorized as large power customers.

Despite their small percentage they contribute over 60 per cent of the company’s energy sales.

The highest concentration of consumers in Nairobi region is found in Industrial Area and the Central Business District.