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Kenya demanding prosecution of these Lebanese racist attackers

The government of Kenya is calling for action against four Lebanese citizens and a military officer caught on camera assaulting two Kenyan women in a suspected racist attack.

In a video that has since gone viral online, the five were seen brutally attacking the two women in a location believed to be Burj Hammoud, Lebanon.

One of the attackers, who is reported to be an army official in civilian clothes, is seen beating one of the defenseless women and grabbing her by the hair in the middle of a road.

In a statement, Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it is following up the matter with the Lebanese authorities to ensure that justice is served to the two victims.


WATCH: Kenyan women assaulted in racist attack by Lebanese official

“We are insisting on the prosecution of the culprits so that they meet the full force of the law. We are also demanding an apology from the Lebanese authorities,” the statement from the Ministry read.

The Lebanese Army has since refuted the claims by issuing the following statement which seemingly blames the two women.

“Some media outlets broadcasted news that a soldier in civil clothes assaulted 2 Kenyan women. The Army Command clarifies that the incident which fell on 17/06/2018 was a result of the clearly intoxicated women attacking a soldier and his wife by hitting him with a bottle on the head, leading a civilian to step in and hit the mentioned women.”

It added that the relevant security authority carried out the investigation in this subject as per the orders of the military prosecution office and the civilian assaulter was arrested and handed over to the military police.