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Kenya Railways increases commuter train trips in Nairobi

Kenya Railways has increased the number of trips for Nairobi commuters in its morning and evening train schedule.

Kenya Railways published the new schedule last week and on Thursday in a statement on Twitter revealed plans to purchase more diesel multiple units.

“As part of the Nairobi Commuter Rail (NCR) revitalisation efforts, we will be purchasing 11 Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) this year. DMUs are a key part of the NCR revitalisation masterplan & will be important in helping us achieve our goal of moving 8M commuter passengers by 2022,” Kenya Railways wrote.


Commuters from Embakasi Village to Nairobi’s CBD will now have an additional morning trip at 9:10am to compliment the 7:05am one.

In addition to the usual 6pm train from the CBD to Embakasi Village, commuters in that route will now be able to leave at 3pm in the new trip on the schedule.

Residents of Kahawa will also have two additional morning trips, one at 8:40am and the other one at 10:40am.

Here is the new schedule: