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Kenya Railways sheds light on 60-day SGR train pre-booking

Passengers using the Nairobi-Mombasa Madaraka Express train will now have a 60 day window to pre-book their tickets.

According to Kenya Railways, the decision to add more days was reached to give Kenyans an opportunity to be able to plan ahead.

This means, for example, if a person wishes to travel on Thursday to Mombasa, then this individual is able to pre-book a return ticket for December – if this is when they intend to travel back.

“Basically, what this means like today is October 21, so I can book a ticket for today if it’s available and book a return ticket inside the timeframe of 60 days, this could be maybe in December,” a source told Nairobi News.

“So, if today someone wants to book for next year April that cannot be possible because it would be past the 60-day window. This is to make it convenient for businessmen who travel for work to plan ahead,” they went on.

Earlier on, Kenyans only had a one-week window to pre-book their tickets.

The new changes to add more days had left a section of Kenyans confused as they were under the assumption that a passenger is to book their ticket 60 days in advance.

Madaraka Express SGR train resumed services this month after four months of not being in operation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is after President Uhuru Kenyatta cessation of movements into and out of Nairobi, Kilifi, Kwale and Mombasa counties for 21 days.