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Kenya Railways suspends city commuter rail service for 13 days

Nairobi rail commuters will from Thursday, December 21, not be able to access the service to various destinations in the capital city for 13 days as part of scaling down the service during the festive season.

Kenya Railways suspended the Nairobi Commuter rail service operation to Ruiru, Embakasi Village, Limuru, Syokimau, and Lukenya between December 21, 2020 and January 2, 2021.

However, the link train operating between Nairobi Railway station and Nairobi Terminus serving Madaraka Express Passenger Service customers will remain operational during the festive season.

The same will apply to Nairobi to Nanyuki Safari train service, which has been enhanced to accommodate increased passenger demand during the festive season.

Other trains that will also operate will be the Kisumu Safari train, the Suswa Leisure train and the Madaraka Express Service train.

Last month, KR announced a 50 percent fare hike for Nairobi to Mombasa SGR passengers starting January 1, 2024.

The fare review also affects passengers using the Nairobi commuter rail service and the Kisumu and Nanyuki safari trains.

In a statement released, Kenya Railways management said passengers travelling from Nairobi to Mombasa will pay Sh1,500 (economy class) and Sh4,500 (first class) up from the current Sh1,000 (economy class) and Sh3,000 (first class).

“The increase is informed by changes in the energy and petroleum sector where prices of fuel have significantly increased thus affecting the cost of our operations,” the statement explained.

It added that passengers making advance purchases for the Madaraka Express passenger service will notice the adjusted fares.

Those plying the Nairobi-Suswa route will pay as follows; Nairobi to Suswa/Mai Mahiu (Sh250), Nairobi to Rongai/Ngong (Sh130).

Those leaving Rongai heading to Ngong will pay Sh70 as the rest pay Sh130 for commuting between Rongai to Mai Mahiu and Suswa, Ngong to Mai Mahiu and Suswa and Mai Mahiu to Suswa.

Children between three and 11 years old travelling with adults will pay half the price as those above 11 years pay full price.

Taxpayers have been forced to shoulder the burden of the SGR loans because revenues generated from the passenger and cargo services on the track are not enough to meet the operation costs, which stood at Sh18.5 billion in the year to June 2022 against sales of Sh15 billion.