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Kenya Railways suspends train services as lines flooded

Kenya Railways has suspended all commuter train services due to the ongoing flooding in various parts of Nairobi, leaving thousands of city residents stranded.

In a public notice, the operator said that it was compelled to ground operations from its Nairobi Central Railway Station as vast sections of the rail remain submerged in water.

“We wish to notify members of the public that commuter train services have been temporarily suspended due to the ongoing heavy rains that have affected the rail lines. We are compelled to take these precautionary measures because the safety of our customers is always of paramount importance to us,” the cooperation said.

It said that they will communicate once normalcy resumes.

Last week, the cooperation temporarily suspended the Nanyuki train as heavy rains rendered a section of the railway line at Thika-Mitubiri area inaccessible.

In a statement, Kenya Railways said the Safari train will not run due to heavy rains.

“We wish to notify the public that owing to the heavy rains, a section of the railway line at the Thika-Mitubiri area has been affected. As a result, the Nanyuki Safari train will not run,” the statement read in part.

At the same time, the Kenya Meteorological Department has said that the rains would continue in various parts of the country over the next seven days.

“Flooding is expected in low-lying areas, flood plains and urban areas with poor drainage,” said David Gikungu, director of the meteorological department.

Landslides could also occur on steep slopes where the soil is saturated, he added.

Gikungu has advised road users to be extra cautious as visibility is likely to be reduced during heavy rainfall.

The warning also extends to air and boat users.

The expected heavy rainfall, Gikungu says, is likely to be accompanied by strong winds, thunder and lightning.

“The public is advised to avoid sheltering under trees and metal structures to minimise exposure to lightning. Caution is advised as the predicted strong winds may damage roofs, trees and tall objects such as billboards,” he added.

He said the large waves and strong winds are likely to affect marine activities.

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