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Kenya releases 288 Covid-19 patients for home-based care

The Ministry of Health has rolled out the home-based care programme after 288 Covid-19 patients were released on Friday to receive care from home.

Head of Public Health Dr Francis Kuria said that from the 288 patients released, 15 were mothers with infants.

“Involving about 299 patients on home-based isolation, I am happy to report that about 288 have been released for home-based care back to society. And about 15 mothers who are breastfeeding. They are safe, and there is no need for stigmatization they are as good as you are,” Dr Kuria said.

The home-based care programme was developed by the ministry to help decongest hospitals and prevent them from being overwhelmed.

This is due to the daily increasing infection numbers of persons found to have contracted coronavirus.

However, many of the new cases are asymptomatic meaning they do not show any visible symptoms of the disease, hence making it possible for them to receive care and home.

The government says this is meant to leave room in hospitals for critical cases.

The Ministry of Health last week launched the guidelines – available on the ministries website – to be followed by Covid-19 patients while receiving care from home.