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Kenya Sevens team beg for funds after going for months without pay

By Wangu Kanuri November 27th, 2022 2 min read

Kenya Sevens rugby team, Shujaa, have extended a begging bowl as they seek to raise funds to enable them honour the Dubai Sevens and Cape Town Sevens legs of the World Rugby Sevens series.

Apparently, the team has gone for three months now without pay. The appeal for cash was shared on Twitter by team member Willy Ambaka, who said the team needs assistance from well-wishers.

The team is meant to compete in the Dubai Sevens due for December 2 to 3 where they will face Australia, South Africa and Great Britain in Pool “A”.

But their participation in the tournament appears to be in doubt after the team shared an M-changa number across all social media platforms seeking to raise funds to facilitate their expenses.

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“Our beloved Kenya 7s are in need of your financial support to train and represent Kenya in Dubai and Cape Town. They’ve been without income for months,” read the viral poster.

The team added that there are three ways willing Kenyans can help.

“Contribute to the fundraiser. Share the poster widely. Reach out to Cabinet Sports for Sports Ababu Namwamba and let him know!”

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Mid this year, the national 15s rugby team similarly reached to Kenyans to help them raise funds to help it prepare for the 2023 World Cup qualifier.

The plea was shared on The Kenya Rugby Union socials, appealing to the team’s fans in Kenya and abroad, to chip in and help the team.

“The @KenyaSimbas are 3 weeks away from winning the prize to represent Africa at RWC2023 in France. Support this call to action from legendary Simbas captain Dickie Evans by using the details in the poster #SupportTheSimbas #SimbasToRWC,” they said.

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The government, through the Ministry of Sports Culture and Heritage, responded by saying it was unable to cater for national teams as they head to compete in international games.

“The State Department for Sports which has been facilitating various sports federations for international events is not in a position to do so. This is because the sports department has exhausted it’s funding allocations for this financial year,” Joel Atuti, the director for sports said at the time.

He further said federations expecting funding would not get any due to budget constraints.

“At the moment federations are requested to seek sponsorship from other organizations,” Atuti said.