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Kenyan activist back in the country after being released by Tanzanian authorities

Kenyan activist Samuel Okemwa who was arrested and detained in Tanzania has arrived back in the country after being released. Okemwa had been arrested on Monday afternoon by Tanzanian authorities released on the same day before being re-arrested the following morning.

In a Facebook post, Okemwa said that he was released on Friday evening and was received by friends at the Namanga border.


“I landed safely in Kenya today from Tanzania where I was detained for the last one week. I was released yesterday evening,” Okemwa said on Saturday.

He also said that he had immediately gone into quarantine for 14 days strictly observing government guidelines.

At the same time, Mr Okemwa thanked Tanzanian gospel musician Rose Muhando who he says has been praying for him ever since he was arrested.

“I also Thank Rose Muhando for her daily prayers and presence. I will never forget her in my life. She is a true servant of God,” he said.


Mr Okemwa, who had gone to Tanzania to interview Muhando, was arrested on Monday afternoon by Tanzanian Immigration officials and police officers at the Namanga border.

Mr Okemwa, who for years lived in Canada, is known for his hard-hitting videos which he captures himself criticising the government.

During his arrest, he shared a video where he was captured arguing with immigration officials why questioning why they had confiscated his passport.