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Kenyan against Americans in race for college loans write off

A Kenyan living in the US has been shortlisted in the top 20 final list out of over 2,400 contestants in a college loan pay off competition.

Jeremiah Gitiha, 31, who was a medicine student at Truman State University and originally from Kiambu, Kenya, has a chance to win the loan pay off of over $80,000 (about Sh8 million), but only if he gets the highest votes the 19 other American contestants.

“Being a Kenyan, I’m the only African remaining in the competition and now appealing to all my fellow countrymen and Africans at large to vote for me,” he told Nairobi News via email.

Contestants were required to write a story about their lives and how the loan pay off will make them have more in impact in the society.

“My father was the biggest champion of education, a firm believer that education is the ultimate equalizer,” his story says.


“From early on he taught my six siblings and I the power that lies in lifting each other and ‘Next man up!’ has been my family’s motto since I can remember. Thus, each sibling was expected to financially contribute to the education of the younger ones, as soon as they joined the workforce.

“With his children helping educate each other and with his meager earnings, my father selflessly endeavored to provide education to underprivileged children in my community in Kenya. He passed away on January 15 this year, but his lessons remain with me.”

After his father’s death, Jeremiah joined his family in building classrooms for a local school in Kenya.

Jeremiah believes if the loan is paid off, he can do more in educating more children from poor backgrounds in Kenya, and that’s why he is asking for your help.

To vote for him, click on the link below and vote:

Editor’s note: Remember to log on to your email and confirm it, for the vote to count.