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Kenyan arrested in US-hit and run incident

A Kenyan suspected of a hit-and-run and causing the death of a 7-year-old girl with autism in Atlanta, United States, has been arrested.

Police in the US says it arrested 47-year-old David Ngugi of Acworth on Sunday after video evidence and assistance from the public helped investigators track down the driver.

Following the accident, police notified the public that it was looking for a vehicle with front-end damage and that they found a University of Alabama vanity plate at the scene.

The suspect was charged with felony hit-and-run and is being held at the Cobb County Jail without bond, online records show.

Authorities say the minor was walking along the road after she left her home at around 10pm without her parents noticing when she was struck at around 10:15pm on January 9. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said her body was discovered about 10:16 pm on the southern edge of the road.

Investigators say Ngugi fled the scene after hitting the girl.

Last year, a 28-year-old Kenyan, Stewart Leacky Waithanji was arrested on suspicion of murder following a DUI hit-and-run collision in California that caused the death of a 74-year-old man.

Waithanji had a long history of drunk driving and was driving with a female passenger when he collided with another vehicle

“A 74-year-old man was left for dead in the middle of the street, tossed aside as if he never mattered, because of the selfish decision of a stranger to get behind the wheel while intoxicated,” Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said in a statement then.