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I don’t know a single Kenyan artiste; veteran Nigerian blogger admits – VIDEO

We have always suspected it but now we have the proof, Nigerians don’t listen to Kenyan music. They don’t even know that we exist!

Although we play their music on repeat, they actually don’t return the favor back at home.

There are various reasons for this and it turns out our artistes and music marketers are also partly to blame.

“I don’t know a single Kenyan artistes.” President of the Guild of Professional bloggers, Nigeria Chris Kehinde Nwandu has exclusively told Nairobi News.

This shocking revelation was made during a cocktail party at the just concluded 5th All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) 2018 in Accra, Ghana.


He went on to school members of Kenyan rock band, Rash on just what they need to do to make it big in Africa.

Band members, Yubu Kazungu and Lil Jona listened keenly as Chris dished out the bitter truth.

“Tell your artistes that they should not be contended with staying at home, they should try to expand their scope. I work for a radio station in Nigeria and I don’t have a single Kenyan artiste on my playlist, but I am sure your radios are full of Nigerian songs,” he went on.

We can only hope that our Kenyan artistes are listening.