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Kenyan Atheists’ boss finds ‘ideal wife’, but you’ll be shocked who she is

By NAIRA HABIB February 8th, 2018 1 min read

The Chairman of Atheist in Kenya, Harrison Mumia, has surprised the online community by revealing the identity of his ‘perfect wife material’.

Mr Mumia has publicly named the infamous sex doll Samantha as the perfect choice in a partner, saying she will be the ideal solution to his bachelor status.

He even went ahead to describe some of the attributes which attracts him to Samantha. These he says include her inability to nag, get pregnant, have mood swings and most importantly the fact that she doesn’t believe in God.

“Samantha could be the perfect solution to my bachelor situation. She’s pretty, flat tummy, big boobs, and she will forever remain pretty! She doesn’t nag and doesn’t need make up. Oh, she doesn’t age, doesn’t grow fat, and can’t get pregnant… And most important, she doesn’t believe in God! Wait, no mood swings associated with periods! Samantha is everything I want in a wife! #Samantha,” wrote Mr Mumia.


His post received varied reactions from the online community with many expressing shock.

“This business will destroy our men. The infections that will arise from a buildup of bacteria and other microbes when the doll is not properly cleaned are just doing press ups. Let them buy these toys but I will sell to them expensive cleaners and odour removers,” said Abisai Amatalo.

“Those boobies are out of proportion,” said Samantha S La Bonita.

“Hahaa finally mumia has married,” Joseph Kyalo Berserk commented.

“Let her wash your socks, cook and make your relatives comfortable whenever they visit dio tutajua for now bado,” wrote Carol Reen.

“Ile time utakwama ndani ya Samantha ndio utajua Samantha ni samaki,” said Wairimu Mahinge, while Ruth John quipped “Let me know when she will give you babies.”