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Kenyan bouncers petition government to let them carry firearms

The Bouncers Association of Kenya has appealed to the government to allow its members to own firearms for self-protection.

Speaking on Tuesday, the association representatives said that some of its members have never done any other job apart from being security personnel.

Brian Omondi, the chairman of the association, said their members encounter all types of life-threatening dangers and should be well-equipped to deal with such incidents.

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“Every day our members of the security stewards deal with threats from people who have licensed firearms or those who are unlicensed. We deal with robbers and terrorists and different kinds of threats,” Mr Omondi said.

Mr Omondi also said it is very important for members of their organization to know gun safety.

“We want the government to address some of our welfare concerns and ensure that the rights of all members and their place in society can be properly secured,” he said.

Bouncers mainly work in nightclubs and are responsible for ensuring revelers are safe within the premises.

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The condition precedent to licensing in Kenya is that the applicant must give a cogent reason that justifies the possession of firearms that exceeds that of the ordinary individual.

In spite of this, licensed gun ownership has become a club of the privilege with the persons obtaining these licenses often being politicians, their cronies and family members and other well-connected persons. The gun culture that has developed in Kenya is therefore one that shows one to be a member of a class.

These licensed gun owners, mostly the wannabe nouveau riche of Kenya, openly display their guns in public and in social places as an indication of their status and in some cases for intimidation of the public. This is despite the standard condition of licensing in Kenya that the licensee must keep the gun concealed while in public.

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