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Kenyan Canadian top chef facing deportation gets extension to stay

A Kenyan national who is known for his philanthropic work in Canada and is also credited for introducing managu and kunde dishes and was facing deportation can now stay longer in the country.

John Mulwa, who was set to be deported from Canada on January 28, 2023, was allowed to stay in Canada for another 18 months on a temporary residence permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, according to his attorney Joshua Makori.

“We did submit an application for him to become a permanent resident under what you call the humanitarian and compassionate application process … the minister may have given him this extension so that the application will be submitted to be completed,” Makori told 900 CHML’s the Scott Radley show.

As a result, Mulwa will be allowed to live and work in Canada until his application is completed.

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Mulwa, who moved to Canada in August 2014, seeks humanitarian intervention to prevent the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) from deporting him.

The top chef, a member of the Kenyan Community in Ontario, has been fighting not to be deported for allegedly contravening the country’s immigration laws.

According to an online petition put out late last year, the community, which held demonstrations on Monday to try and stop his deportation, is decrying this removal order which they see as cruel.

“Returning someone to a country that they sought asylum from carries particular risks and consequences for the individual, and the unnecessary decision to remove a dedicated leader, humanitarian, employee, taxpayer, volunteer, and generous community organizer has touched a raw community nerve and they are pushing back,” they said.

He was initially granted protected person refugee status over a claim his life was in danger.

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The 39-year-old chef was denied status in an initial hearing but was able to reside in Canada while making four more appeals over several years.

“What I’m asking from the government of Canada is for them to grant me status so I can walk and be at peace and not be killed,” Mulwa told Global News on Monday. “If I go home, something bad will happen to me.”

Mulwa claims some of his family members have been killed over land disputes, and it will not be safe for him to return.

“The people who are threatening me and my family are definitely going to come for me,” he said in a past interview.

His lawyer said Mulwa’s issues surround substantiating claims that he is running from violence.

“Which is a challenge because if you are running away, for example like John who is running away from Kenya, it would be a challenge for to be able to get evidence from that country,” he said.

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