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Kenyan celebrities who became parents in 2023

The year 2023 witnessed a wave of heartfelt celebrations as the Kenyan entertainment industry welcomed a chorus of newborn giggles and joyous cries.

From renowned actors to beloved comedians and makeup artists turned entrepreneurs, the lives of several Kenyan celebrity couples were touched by the arrival of their little bundles of joy.

Below is a list of Kenyan celebrities who became new mothers/parents in 2023.

Lenana Kariba and Helen: Kenyan actor Lenana Kariba and his wife, Helen, were overjoyed to welcome their first child, Baby Ava. Their radiant smiles mirrored the happiness of embracing parenthood after their beautiful wedding ceremony held in September 2021.

Lynn and Eric Omondi: Comedian Eric Omondi and his girlfriend Lynn rejoiced in the arrival of Princess Kyla Omondi, marking the beginning of a new chapter filled with laughter and unconditional love.

Nyce Wanjeri: Award-winning actress Nyce Wanjeri proudly introduced her daughter, Pendo Chemutai Letting, to the world in a heartfelt social media announcement, joining the league of celebrity parents in 2023.

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo: Amber Ray and her fiancé Kennedy Rapudo welcomed their daughter, expressing overwhelming joy and gratitude, celebrating the start of a brand new life.

Muthoni Wa Mukiri: TV personality Muthoni Wa Mukiri celebrated the birth of her son, adding an extra sparkle to her life in March 2023.

Carey Priscillah: Makeup artist Carey Priscillah couldn’t contain her joy as she shared the news of her newborn, ending her pregnancy journey on a strong and healthy note.

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo: Socialite Vera Sidika and her partner Brown Mauzo proudly introduced their son, Ice Brown, to the world, cherishing the blessings of a growing family.

Wangari Thiongo and Jimal Roho Safi: Wangari Thiongo and Jimal Roho Safi celebrated the birth of their daughter, Amal J. Ibrahim, marking a beautiful milestone in their relationship.

With each new arrival, these Kenyan celebrities ushered in joy, hope, and endless love, inspiring fans and followers with their enchanting tales of parenthood in 2023. Congratulations to the radiant parents who welcomed these precious additions into their lives!

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