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How Kenyan celebrity dads were honoured by their partners on Father’s Day

Father’s Day was celebrated specially by netizens on Sunday, June 16, with every Tom, Dick, and Harry either sharing a special message, memory or post to honor their old man.

The commemorative day is a special occasion dedicated to honoring and appreciating the fathers who have made significant contributions to their families.

This year, several Kenyan celebrity fathers were celebrated in heartfelt and touching tributes by their wives/girlfriends/baby mamas. These public figures, known for their talents and influence, were recognized not just for their professional achievements but for their unwavering dedication and love as fathers.

From social media posts brimming with gratitude to intimate family gatherings, these celebrity dads received an outpouring of affection and admiration. Their wives shared glimpses into the personal lives of these well-known figures, highlighting their roles as loving partners and devoted parents. These celebrations not only showcased the depth of their family bonds but also served as an inspiration to many, emphasizing the importance of fatherhood and the cherished memories it brings.

We share some of the celebrity dads who were celebrated as exemplary by their equally influential wives on social media.

Ruth K to Mulamwah
Digital content creator Ruth K shared her appreciation for her baby daddy comedian Mulamwah for being a present dad in a video she captioned, “Happy Father’s Day baba kalamz ♥️😍 thank you for being the best dad ever & always working hard for us 😍♥️. much love.”

Lornzie Gatabaki to Diallo J. Gatabaki
Former Over 25 quarter-part Lornzie Gatabaki shared a series of photos and videos of her husband Diallo J. Gatabaki with their son Yahya which left netizens gushing over their love in the comments section. Accompanying the post was a heartfelt caption that read, “Happy Father’s Day Baba Yahya. My mubaba. Sexiest daddy I know. We love you! Thank you for everything you do for us. ♥️”

Jackie Matubia to Ex
YouTuber Jackie Matubia took the chance to honor her ex and the father of her first child, Kennedy Njogu, with a sweet message on Father’s Day. The mother of two thanked her first baby daddy for being an active dad to their daughter. She posted a photo of Njogu with their nine-year-old daughter and showed her appreciation for his involvement.

“Happy Father’s Day to Mr Njogu. Thank you for always being a present dad to our daughter and making co-parenting easier,” Matubia wrote on her Instagram Stories.

Matubia, however, did not give the same honor to Blessing Lung’aho, her second baby daddy. Despite having a daughter, Zendaya Nyambura, together, Lung’aho was not mentioned in Matubia’s Father’s Day tributes.

Amber Ray to Kennedy Rapudo
Kenyan socialite Amber Ray went all out in showing her baby daddy Kennedy Rapudo some love. In a heartwarming post, the mother of two expressed, “Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to the loving father of our kids @kennedyrapudo Your strength, compassion, and endless love make our family thrive…….watching you be an amazing dad to our children makes me fall in love with you even more….Thank you for being the amazing dad and partner that you are.❤️❤️❤️”

Wahu to Nameless
Following singer Nameless’ hilarious video on being a father, his wife, Wahu did not let the day slide by without appreciating the great father that Nameless is. Wahu wished her husband a happy Father’s Day in a touching comment that read, “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 happy Father’s Day @namelesskenya and to all the other present dads! 😄🌸”.

Julie K to Peter Kariuki
Digital content creator Julie Kariuki celebrated her husband Peter Kariuki via her Instagram stories with a post that read, “Happy Father’s Day”. In the photo, the devoted father, and husband is seen holding one of their children in a warm embrace.

Celestine Ndinda to Blessed Njugush
Celestine Ndinda better known as Wakavinye melted hearts on Father’s Day after she hailed her husband, comedian Njugush as the best dad ever. Her post on Instagram read, “Wishing a happiest Father’s Day to the best Dad Ever!! One thing that stands out for me about Tim, is how He values time with those he loves. (Be it Family or Friends)”

Shikie to Shiverenje Simani
Shikie, who also goes by the moniker Miss Tiramisu shared a photo of herself and her husband in an outdoorsy setting all loved up. The content creator shared a sweet caption to her man that read, “The best one to ever do it. Happy Father’s Day @shivsimani.” The couple parents two daughters.

Wanjiru Njiru to Ben Cyco
Although their bun is still in the oven, Ben Cyco was subtly celebrated by his lifestyle content creator wife, Wanjiru Njiru, through a special post on her Instagram stories. The mother-to-be posted a heartwarming video of the gospel singer singing a gospel song to the baby bump while rubbing his wife’s belly. Wanjiru captioned the video saying how happy she is to be walking the journey with Ben.

Nadia Mukami to Arrow Bwoy
Kenyan Songstress Nadia Mukami kept things short and sweet with her Father’s Day post. The mother of one celebrated her baby daddy by posting a photo of him and captioned it, “Happy Father’s Day to my Dzaddzy ❣️”